AmbiVirile Polo

Fun fact: In terms of how it’s commonly applied today, the term “polo shirt” is a bit of a misnomer. The garment, which originates from India in the late 19thCentury, was a long-sleeved oxford featuring buttons to secure the collar and keep it from flapping in the breeze as one galloped around the field.


René Lacoste, who is in charge of creating the "polo" as we know it today, after discovering that the prevalent oxfords were too inconveniencing for play and he decided to develop his version: A short sleeve made from loosely-knit breathable pique cotton with a flat, soft collar, which could be worn up to protect one's neck from the sun. This was commonly referred to as a "tennis shirt" up until 1972 when Ralph Lauren introduced it as a staple of his polo line and stuck his now-iconic polo player logo on the left side of the chest in the fashion of Fred Perry's laurel and Lacoste's crocodile before him.


Amp up your wardrobe with modern takes on our men’s wear staple. The Polo-style shirt is the ultimate cross-categorical clothing piece. AmbiVirile takes this ultimate piece of cloth to express cutting-edge design for men as they encounter everyday life day or night. From the golf course and tennis court to the office and night scene. Peruse our collections to find a fit for your next experience.